Grilling Lamb over a Gas Grill

Grilling your meat over gas grill enhances the flavor and taste of the dish. The best way to enjoy your weekend is to invite your friends and family for lunch and feed them with delicious grilled lamb kebabs. Today we will discuss the recipe to gas grill finger-licking good lamb kebabs.

First thing you need to do, is to marinate a lamb at least a two hours before its better to marinate them for over a day, so that they get more tender and delicious. To prepare your marinate you will lamb meat, diced in one and half inches of square. Than add couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Than add salt and pepper. Now take a pestle and mortar add two or three bay leaves along with a hand full of rosemary along with a pinch of salt. Now with the help of pestle and mortar shred them, once they are grinded properly, add two cloves of peeled garlic and continue to mix them up. Once they are properly grinded, they must form a paste. Now mix them along with the olive oil, salt and pepper and dried oregano. Now marinate the whole mixture on to the lamb and let them marinate. You can also use different vegetables along with the lamb; you can use one inch pieces of bell peppers and jalapenos along with petals of onion.

Now, before you start gas grilling, turn on your gas grill, for that you will need to turn all the gas knobs on and then with the help of lighter ignite the fire. Clean the grates with the help of a brush and then run little bit of cooking oil over the grates of the gas grill.  Leave the gas grill to get hot.

Now add all of the lamb and vegetables on the skewer. If you to bring these kebabs o to the next level use rosemary skewer, for this you will need a rosemary stem, remove the leaves leaving few of rosemary at the end and than cut the front of the stem with the help of a knite, horizontally. It will make a sharp end; now load up all the lamb and veggies.  Place them over the gas grill; cook them for about six to seven minutes, switching the sides after three minutes, for medium to medium rare. Do not forget to brush olive oil on the top of the kebabs, the best way to do that is use rosemary steam as a brush. Drizzle olive oil over a rossmarry steam and than use it a brush. That will make all the difference. There you go your delicious lamb kebabs are ready. You can serve your delicious lamb kebabs with green chatni or any of your favourite sauce along with soft and delicious Pita bread and a salad. In order to buying gas grills and reading reviews follow

That is all the work you need to do to make a delicious treat for your friends and family. Invite your friends over and surprise them with your culinary skill, surely they will get impressed. Make sure to close all the gas knobs once you done with gas grilling and clean the grates.

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